Stone countertops are beautiful, adding a luxurious aesthetic to any kitchen. But there are lots of other reasons why stone is an excellent choice.

grey stone benchtop

Stone is hard-wearing

Stone countertops are very durable. Stone is formed under extreme conditions in the earth’s crust making it one of the hardest materials available. It is largely impervious when sealed and is very scratch-resistant. Stone handles the wear and tear of kitchen life beautifully.

stone countertop

Stone is unique

Every piece of stone is unique being formed by nature. It comes in many colours and patterns and you can find something to suit your individual style. There is a colour for every taste.

stone countertop in brow

Stone is heat-resistant

Because stone was formed under heat, a stone countertop will handle the heat well making it an excellent choice for the kitchen.

black stone kitchen benchtop

Stone has visual depth

Stone reflects light beautifully showing off its visual depth. Luxurious and exquisite!

stone bench reflecting light

Stone is easy to maintain

Stone benchtops are easy to maintain. You clean your countertop with water and mild dishwashing liquid and polish with a non-abrasive tea towel.  Sealants ensure you will get many decades from your stone countertop.

stone countertop country kitchen

Stone is versatile

You can extend stone throughout your home to create a luxurious theme. It is great on sideboards, bar tops, fireplaces, and even in the bathroom.

stone island bench

A modern, luxury kitchen.

Stone is excellent value

While stone is generally more expensive than other surfaces, its longevity and durability represent excellent value.

granite kitchen bench

Beautiful kitchen with glass backsplash and granite counter.

During July and August, MKN Kitchens are offering stone benchtops for the price of laminate … so there’s never been a better time to invest in long-lasting stone countertops for your kitchen.