A visit to the Modern Kitchens Northside showroom is the perfect place to start your Brisbane kitchen renovation. MKN offers a free colour and design consultation, and our team of experienced kitchen designers will help you navigate the vast design and material options to achieve the desired feel and style of your dream kitchen. With over 20 years joinery experience, MKN prides itself on customer service and satisfaction. Call us today to book a free showroom consultation on 07 3889 9054.

Kitchen Renovations Brisbane

The Process

The Showroom Tour

The first step in our consultation process is the showroom tour. Our consultants will assist you in aligning the project to your budget and style and compile a comprehensive product wish-list for your in-home design consultation, which is booked at the end of the tour.

During the showroom tour we will demonstrate:

  • The types of door options available which include laminate and 2pack 
  • The types of benchtops available which include laminate and engineered stone
  • The types of handles and splashback options available

In-Home Design Consultation

After the showroom consultation, we offer a free in-home design consultation with our kitchen designer who comes prepared with the wish-list from the showroom consultation. Our design consultant will measure the space and discuss in detail how you wish your new kitchen to function.

MKN’s kitchen designers aren’t restricted by pre-designed modular units. All our kitchens are custom made and measured from quality materials at our Lawnton workshop, and because we’re not constrained by flat pack or modular sizing, we can manufacture drawers to specified sizes.  Also, we don’t have to use as many filler panels as a modular kitchen, so less space is wasted. We like to give customers as much functional storage and workable space as possible, without filler panels and voids, and implement clever space-saving designs that are tailored to the layout of your home and how you want to use your kitchen. 

MKN Quality Control

At MKN we’re proud of the quality that we offer, and this is upheld throughout the manufacturing process. Our project managers assess each kitchen while in production to ensure accuracy and we factory-fit each kitchen in our warehouse before installing in our customer’s home.  This enables every detail is checked prior to delivery and ensures each kitchen is installed at the allotted time.

State Of The Art Machinery

MKN has proudly invested in state-of-the-art machinery giving us a leading advantage in the market. When we design and manufacture your kitchen, we can cut our board with millimeter accuracy providing our clients with the quality and fit that their home deserves.


Materials and Finishes

Our cabinetry is constructed from high-quality Australian-made 16mm moisture resistant board and we can offer either laminate or 2-pak door finishes.

What Is A Laminate Door

A laminate door has a substrate which is moisture resistant particle board with a laminate coating on the front, and ABS edging on all four sides. The laminate coating comes in a wide range of colours and finishes including matte, semi-gloss, high-gloss, natural and timber look finishes.

What is A 2Pack Door

A 2pack door has a substrate which is moisture resistant MDF and can either be flat, or have a profile routed into it and the edges of the MDF are slightly rounded.  2Pack refers to the paint finish.  As a comparison, interior wall paint is 1Pack and the final finish is softer and not as moisture and scratch-resistant as 2pack, which is more like car paint, and combines paint plus a hardener giving a hard and moisture-resistant finish. 2pack paint can be colour matched to almost any colour and comes in various finishes similar to interior paint, e.g., matt, satin, semi-gloss and high gloss. The most popular 2pack finish is satin, which has a smooth velvety feel and helps to conceals fingerprints.

Laminate Vs 2Pack

A 2Pack painted door has the advantage of endless colour options and we can colour match to almost any colour you would like, but the finish is always a block colour. A 2Pack door also has the advantage of routed profiles which is common in Hampton or Farmhouse style cabinetry. 

People usually select a laminate flat door if they don’t want to add a profile due to the wide range of finishes available.  Timber look or textured finishes are not available in 2Pack.  A great advantage of laminate is that it’s a more affordable product compared to 2Pack, for example, the price difference between a laminate and 2Pack door could be between three and six thousand dollars (depending on the size of the kitchen).


Benchtop Options

The main benchtop options that people generally choose are from our range of laminate or engineered stone. 

Laminate Benchtops

A laminate benchtop has a particleboard substrate and is a popular choice due to its durability and cost effectiveness.  Some laminate benchtops have a squared off front edge, which at first glance can be a little reminiscent of stone, and a coating on the back to protect the particleboard from moisture damage.  These benchtops are also UV stabilised meaning whites won’t turn yellow over time, nor fade in places frequently exposed to sunlight. 

Modern laminate won’t crumble underneath like it used to in the past – and the Nikpol brand we use also has a drip-loop beneath the benchtop to prevents liquid spills leaking inside cupboards or drawers. 

Engineered Stone Benchtops

We use several of the best brands of engineered stone on the market and we prioritise brands with their own manufacturing facilities. This provides greater quality control compared to generic engineered stone products.  Engineered stone benchtops comprise 93% quartz, polymer resins, and organic pigment, making them 99.9% non-porous. The non-porous quality of engineered stone means no routine sealing is required compared to natural stone surfaces that require a rigorous maintenance schedule. Engineered stone benchtops are also resistant to staining and scratching which is a big tick when selecting a kitchen benchtop.

Engineered stone benchtops are available in 20mm slabs, but our stonemason can provide the look of 40mm or 60mm benchtops.

Within each engineered stone brand there are generally three to five pricing categories. This is due to the additional production time required to produce a veined stone vs a plainer finish (found in entry level stones), but these are by no means inferior.  The more veins there are in the stone means more production hours to achieve this finish. 



We use Blum soft-close hinges on all our cabinetry and each hinge comprises 56 working parts.  Blum manufactures each working part within the hinge.  Once assembled each hinge is nickel-dipped three times making them resistant to tarnishing, pitting and rusting, which is important with Queensland’s humidity and homes in coastal areas. Blum offers a 20-year warranty on their hinges.

Drawer Runners

We use Nikpol smooth telescopic drawer runners which are weight rated to 38 kgs.  The runners are fully extendable meaning the drawer opens 100% of the way, allowing you to gain full access to the entire drawer space, and because it’s a concealed runner it also has a smooth soundless operation when you’re opening and closing the drawers. 


We offer a large range of handles from Barchie Australia and Nikpol, so there’s plenty of styles to choose from. Our handle finishes include satin, nickel, chrome and black powder-coat. Alternatively, you are more than welcome to source your own handles.

Splash Backs

Splash Back Options

We offer a range of splash backs including glass and engineered stone. Our glass splash backs can add a pop of colour into your kitchen and can be customised with any colour from the Dulux range. You can choose from metallic, or mirror with a smoky bronze or black mirror finish, which can add a dramatic look to your kitchen. Continuing your engineered stone benchtop onto your splash back can add that extra feeling of sophistication and luxury. Alternatively, you can source a tile of your choice.

Popular Kitchen Styles For Your Renovation

Hamptons Kitchen

The Hamptons kitchen suits a modern seaside feel and typically features a routed profile door with a 45-degree angle in the profile. The cabinetry is often finished in white and navy or white and grey with a veined benchtop.

Farmhouse Kitchen

A farmhouse kitchen is quite like a Hamptons-style kitchen but may have a border with a VJ inset, and sometimes more ornate detailed elements at the top of the cabinet like corbels, capping molding, or pilasters which provide a more traditional feel.

Contemporary Kitchen

A contemporary kitchen is what’s in fashion at the time. For example, plain white cabinetry with white benchtops and no handles, which is very sleek and modern. 

Industrial Style

Industrial style kitchens are still quite popular. The industrial look often features a matte black with timber grain, a concrete look engineered stone benchtop, and hints of copper and metal throughout the fittings.


A traditional kitchen would include a semi-gloss laminate door or a matte laminate door with laminate benchtops.

Butlers Pantries

A butler’s pantry is a walk-in pantry that is generally an area of the kitchen that is used for pantry storage or small appliance storage.  A second sink and dishwasher are also commonly installed. A butler’s pantry is a place where dirty dishes can be taken away after a dinner party then washed off and placed in the dishwasher, rather than cluttering the beautiful feature kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have an existing layout that I want to change, and a wall needs to be removed?

Is your current kitchen layout just not doing it for you? Whether you need to remove a wall or change the flow of your kitchen we can help. We’ll design a functional space and remove the headache by coordinating all trades to ensure a smooth renovation process for your new kitchen.

When a client wishes to change their kitchen layout, our designer will evaluate the space for appropriate changes during the in-home design consultation. If required, our designers will take photos and send to one of our recommended registered builders to obtain a quote for wall removal, or for more complex building works we’ll arrange for the builder to perform a site inspection and provide a firmer quote for the works. Once the new space has been proposed, our kitchen designer will design your new kitchen and provide you with plans, elevations and a 3d render to help you visualise your new kitchen space.

The Most Popular Kitchen Layout

The most popular layout request is an L-shaped kitchen with an island, or a contemporary galley kitchen with an island. The reason why this layout is so popular is accessibility. With previous trends e.g. U-shape there’s only one access point in and out the kitchen, whereas if you move to either an L-shape or galley style, you have free range to enter the space from two different areas, allowing you to entertain around the island, or create a little hub where the family can gather. These designs offer greater flexibility for the users and improved access. 

A Kitchen For Every Budget

MKN offers kitchen solutions for every budget – that’s why we provide a showroom consultation before visiting your home. This allows us to demonstrate our products and finishes to suit your budgetary requirements. For example, choosing a Laminate door over a 2pack door can significantly reduce costs whilst maintaining quality, but choosing cost-effective options doesn’t mean you get an inferior product.  MKN uses the same materials used in a $50,000 kitchen – we don’t compromise on the quality of products – we ensure everyone receives a high standard of kitchen that will stand the test of time.

Some Of Our Kitchen Renovation Inspiration

“Well what can we say..MKN gave 110% in every way.

Every step of the process from MKN was professional and the finish was beyond my expectations. Such a breath of fresh air to deal with a reliable company that provides such a professional finish – that’s so hard to find in today’s market.

Communication was excellent from start to finish.
Highly recommend using MKN Kitchens!!

Geoff Sawyer – Google Review

We were looking at installing a new kitchen and MKN had been recommended to us by friend’s. From our very first phone call with MKN, to our new kitchen installation we found the whole process to be a breeze. They are professional and dedicated to giving you your dream kitchen. The design and cabinets are stunning and so beautiful looking. All the trades people involved were engaged by MKN and there was no hiccups with any of them. We love our kitchen and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend MKN.
Ron Leslie – Google Review
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