Our Showroom team have come up with this list of frequently asked questions that might help you with your dream kitchen – and it might allay some renovating fears you might have. If you have additional queries, please get in touch.

What COVID-19 precautions have you implemented?2021-07-08T13:59:54+10:00

We value the health and safety of our customers and staff and have implemented the following changes within our business: hand sanitiser is available on entry to the showroom, and our showroom staff routinely disinfect and wipe down showroom surfaces; our kitchen designers, project managers and installers will maintain social distancing whilst in your home, and will use hand sanitiser before entering your home and whilst working. If you are feeling unwell, or if you have travelled, we ask that you notify us prior to any appointment, and we will happily reschedule if required.

What areas do you service?2021-07-07T16:01:48+10:00

MKN welcomes enquiries from the greater Brisbane area, and areas within the Moreton Bay region.

What is your process?2021-07-07T16:02:16+10:00

Our process starts with a showroom consultation where you select finishes for your new kitchen. Following this, an in-home design appointment is booked so our designer can measure your space and discuss your requirements. Upon completing the design and quotation you will be invited to attend a presentation appointment so that our designer can run through your kitchen floorplan, show you 3D renders and discuss pricing. Once you have signed a contract, we will appoint a project manager, and they will complete a check measure and schedule your installation. Once you have signed off on your final technical drawings, we will manufacture your new kitchen, deliver it to site and project manage the installation.

How much does a design cost?2021-07-07T16:02:39+10:00

We do not charge a fee for your showroom consultation, design appointment or presentation appointment.

What experience does your team have?2021-07-07T16:03:00+10:00

MKN has been operating for over 20 years. Our showroom team are professionally trained and have many years of experience in kitchen renovations. Our project managers and workshop staff are also professionally trained and highly skilled in their field of expertise. All installers and tradespeople hold the required QBCC licenses.

You are called MKN – do you only design modern kitchens?2021-07-07T16:03:39+10:00

No – our showroom team can assist you with any style of kitchen to suit traditional Queenslanders right through to contemporary homes.

Where are your cabinets made?2021-07-07T16:04:04+10:00

Our cabinets are made to order in our onsite workshop at Lawnton using Australian made board by our team of highly skilled professionals.

What edge tape do you use on your cabinets?2021-07-07T16:04:25+10:00

We use 1mm ABS edging, which is durable, impact resistant, heat tolerant and will not discolour.

Are your cabinets standard sizes?2021-07-07T16:04:44+10:00

No – we custom make our cabinets to suit your space.

What hardware do you use?2021-07-07T16:05:06+10:00

We use Blum hinges and Nikpol Smooth drawer runners.

How much does a new kitchen cost?2021-07-07T16:05:26+10:00

Very hard to answer without seeing the space and knowing what products you would like to use – but in very broad terms a new kitchen can cost between $15k to $50k.

What materials are your doors, drawer fronts and panels made from?2021-07-07T16:05:48+10:00

We use a large range of square edge laminates or 2 pac in a variety of different finishes.

What is 2 pac?2021-07-07T16:06:07+10:00

2 pac is paint comprised of paint and hardener – they are mixed to form a two-part solution which is a very hard paint and perfect to cover the face and edges of kitchen doors, drawer fronts and panels.

What materials can I have for benchtops?2021-07-07T16:06:30+10:00

You can choose from a wide range of laminate benchtops or engineered stone benchtops.

Do you do cabinetry for other rooms?2021-07-07T16:06:52+10:00

Yes – we can design a new laundry, bar, tv cabinet, office space or bathroom vanity. Keep in mind that it is usually more cost effective to do this at the same time as your new kitchen.

Can our new kitchen have no handle?2021-07-07T16:07:48+10:00

Absolutely! We have a variety of handle-less options available for you to select from.

Do you supply appliances?2021-07-07T16:08:10+10:00

Yes – we can provide you with a quote on appliances, sinks and taps for your new kitchen, or you can source your own.

Do you have a range of accessories for a new kitchen?2021-07-07T16:08:31+10:00

Yes – we have a variety of corner solutions, pull-out cabinets and bins to choose from.

Do you offer self-install?2021-07-07T16:08:52+10:00

No – if you want to self-install, we are not able to provide you with our valuable 10-year workmanship warranty.

Do you organise the tradespeople for our new kitchen?2021-07-07T16:09:20+10:00

Yes – we can book tradespeople to assist in the installation of your new kitchen, however if you have an electrician, plumber or tiler you would like to use, then you are more than welcome to book them in line with our installation schedule.

Can we use some of our existing cabinets in the new kitchen?2021-07-07T16:10:11+10:00

No – we remove all the old cabinets and install new ones.

Can you quote a new benchtop and doors only?2021-07-07T16:10:40+10:00

Unfortunately, we do not do makeovers, facelifts or resurfacing. Have a chat to our experienced showroom staff to find out the pro’s and con’s of doing a makeover.

Can you offer a ballpark figure?2021-07-07T16:11:04+10:00

Very hard to answer without seeing the space and knowing what products you would like to use – but if you visit the showroom and speak to our experienced team we can provide you with a guide to how much a new kitchen might be.

Do you provide free quotes?2021-07-07T16:11:26+10:00

We do, but we are much more than a quoting service and our priority is to guide you through your kitchen renovation so that it is enjoyable and stress-free. We pay attention to the details – review your current layout, offer advice on the huge range of products available and provide you with a new design to perfectly suit your space.

I think I want to remove a wall and add a window – can you arrange this?2021-07-07T16:11:51+10:00

MKN can’t do this work, but we can put you in touch with a registered builder who can carry out any building work you require.

“Well what can we say..MKN gave 110% in every way.

Every step of the process from MKN was professional and the finish was beyond my expectations. Such a breath of fresh air to deal with a reliable company that provides such a professional finish – that’s so hard to find in today’s market.

Communication was excellent from start to finish.
Highly recommend using MKN Kitchens!!

Geoff Sawyer – Google Review

We were looking at installing a new kitchen and MKN had been recommended to us by friend’s. From our very first phone call with MKN, to our new kitchen installation we found the whole process to be a breeze. They are professional and dedicated to giving you your dream kitchen. The design and cabinets are stunning and so beautiful looking. All the trades people involved were engaged by MKN and there was no hiccups with any of them. We love our kitchen and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend MKN.
Ron Leslie – Google Review
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