At Modern Kitchens Northside, we make cabinetry as individual as you are. We’ve been in the cabinet making industry for over 20 years, and our business is built on customer satisfaction. There are a tonne of different styles and materials available when it comes to designing cabinetry. We provide a free showroom consultation service in the showroom and a design consultation in your home, so that you can have an industry professional guide you through your project. Through our design consultation process, we get to know more about your taste and material preferences, as well as how you want to use your space. All our cabinetry is custom made to order with quality materials right here in our Lawnton workshop. This means you won’t be limited to what’s available in-store or on a shelf. Because we build to order, we can also implement clever space-saving designs tailored to your home’s layout and how you want to use each space. Call the team at Modern Kitchens Northside on 07 3889 9054 to organise a free consultation.

Kitchen Cabinet Makers Brisbane Northside


No matter the size of your kitchen or budget, our team of Brisbane kitchen cabinet makers and design consultants can custom build a solution to suit your needs. Whether you need space-saving options or clever designs for hard to use spaces, our kitchens are designed and built by an experienced team with cutting edge technology and processes that can help you unlock your area’s potential. Would you like to boost your kitchen inspiration by viewing a range of different styles and materials in person? Come in for a free consultation in our northside kitchen showroom, and our team will assist you in designing the kitchen of your dreams. We then follow through with an in-home design consultation to get to know your space, and our team will create a 3D render of your kitchen so that you can see your new kitchen before it’s built. But it doesn’t stop there. To ensure our installs are smooth and seamless, we fully assemble your kitchen cabinetry in our workshop.


When you are doing your new kitchen, why not update your laundry at the same time?. Laundries do not have to be drab. We can create an area you love to come into, or a space-saving design. If you are having a beautiful kitchen built, having your laundry cabinetry custom-built at the same time is a great way to create a coherent design throughout the home. We can design an area with clever storage that hides dirty laundry from view and space for folding so clean laundry isn’t left in a pile in the lounge room. 

We understand that each household has different space and different needs. Through our consultative process, we can create a laundry that is tailored to suit you. If you have an idea or have seen something that has given you the inspiration to do laundry better, we can construct it for you. Call our team today for a free consultation.


Are you looking for an extra touch to your bathroom design? Talk to the team that can make it happen with custom bathroom cabinetry. Our team of experienced designers and cabinet makers can have your bathroom feeling luxurious, with drawers and shelves tailored to how you want to use the space. To take your design to the next level, bundle your bathroom cabinetry with your kitchen and laundry, creating a coherent, seamless design and feel throughout your entire home. Contact the team at MKN today to make it happen.


Have you ever dreamt of bringing your cooking experience outdoors? Whether you want a full-blown kitchen or a BBQ area that every person dreams of, MKN is your team. We can build custom-made cabinetry for your space to fit all your cooking utensils and appliances, down to the kitchen sink. 


Our board materials are delivered from proud Australian manufacturers Laminex, Formica and Polytec, which means our clients receive the best possible quality available. Their ranges include innovative and stylish products that can be delivered in a wide range of colours, textures and finishes, perfect for cabinetry in your home or workplace.


We provide engineered stone benchtops from some of the best manufacturers in Australia. Long gone is the laborious day that you needed to seal and polish stone benchtops routinely. Engineered stone surfaces provide the advantage of being extremely durable and virtually non-porous, dramatically reducing staining or other damage compared to natural stone products. Just because it’s not natural stone doesn’t mean that you have to give up the look and feel of quality marble. We have access to a great range of premium engineered stone slabs that have the look and feel of the most luxurious marble at a fraction of the cost.


We partner with quality hardware manufacturers to ensure that your kitchen lasts. Low-quality hinges and hardware will break down rapidly and damage your cabinetry, affecting your space’s lines, look, and feel. That’s why we choose to only use the best. Our hardware and fitting solutions are provided by world-leading and quality manufacturers Blum and Nikpol, who produce cutting-edge cabinetry hardware.


We don’t import modular kitchen units flat-packed from an overseas workforce. Our team of local cabinet makers produce all of our cabinetry in our Lawnton workshop using cutting edge technology. We choose quality hardware and fittings combined with Australian board materials and offer a 10-year guarantee, ensuring your new cabinetry is built to be used and to last. Choosing MKN cabinetry means that you are not just getting an expertly crafted kitchen, but you are also supporting local manufacturing jobs in your community. 


Have you ever marvelled when a new shop opened at how beautiful the design and build was? Our award-winning parent company RJR Shopfitting has been trusted by some of Australia’s leading brands, including Lorna Jane, Pandora, JB HiFi, Good Guys, leading architects, and many more. The great thing for you is that all of our cabinetry is made by the same team in our Lawnton workshop. This means that by choosing MKN, you can have access to leading-edge joinery technology, quality, and craftsmanship normally only available in a shop fit-out!

Well what can we say… MKN gave 110% in every way.
From 1. Steve, the Sales Manager, who helped cost and design a new kitchen, under no pressure; 2. Al who did all the final plans and answered many queries promptly; 3. Brendan who made sure everything was PERFECT with the fit ; 4. Matt the tiler who had to change the floor tiles and tile the splash back with glass and metal ties; 5.Simon the plumber and gas fitter who did a very neat and exact job; 6. Mike the plasterer who turned the old to the new. A great job with very professional, experienced people… Everyone was very helpful, the quality of work and materials excellent, and we would recommend MKN to all.

Mike & Nola Burnside


We’re a business based on customer satisfaction. At MKN, we believe this means that we need to provide quality in our service and our product. To ensure you get the best, we choose to use the best. We opt for quality hardware and Australian manufactured board, so that your kitchen lasts and looks great long after it is installed. Our approach to cabinet making means we can confidently offer a 10-year guarantees. For all your cabinet making needs in Brisbane, contact the team at MKN today on 07 3889 9054.

Book an appointment with one of our kitchen designers to discuss how we can help you achieve a beautiful new kitchen within your budget.