What is a Cabinet Maker?

So What is a cabinet maker?

In definition, the term cabinet maker has found many varying meanings over the years. In past eras, a cabinet maker would be called upon to fulfil any request related to making cabinetry and wooden furniture. From beginning to end, the building process was that of the cabinet maker. However, when asking “what is a cabinet maker?” a current-day response is quite simple.

A cabinet maker is a professional tradesman who specialises in woodwork and focuses on designing and installing cabinets and wooden features. Outworking their skills in both a workshop setting and onsite at commercial and residential premises, a cabinet maker requires precision and accuracy to customise pieces to suit the style, design and dimensions required of the setting.

Using a variety of stationary power tools, measuring devices, heavy-duty jointers and saw tables, a cabinet maker creates the internal infrastructure to bring functionality that equally complements the aesthetics of the space.

What is the difference between a cabinet maker and a carpenter?

Though both professions find their roots in the building industry, a cabinet maker and carpenter can be clearly defined from each other. The differences between the two trades can be found in the outworking of their wood-related roles.

Cabinet makers can be set apart from carpenters in their required attention to detail. Cabinetmakers focus on projects such as cabinetry, shelving, internal fittings and specialised furniture pieces, and many internal woodworking applications that require a high level of precision.
On the other hand, carpenters generally focus on larger projects that are more regularly found in an external setting. Examples of a carpenter’s projects include constructing a house’s frame and designing and installing a residential verandah or deck. Additional internal applications, including internal constructs such as doors, windows and stairs, are regular carpenter projects.

Though a cabinet maker can sometimes be found onsite, they are more regularly stationed in a workshop setting due to the need for access to workbenches and the range of power and hand tools required to complete their projects. In contrast, a carpenter’s time is primarily spent onsite as a vital part of the construction process.

What does a cabinet maker do?

Specialising in the construction of cabinetry and woodworking projects, cabinet makers have the freedom to incorporate their own personal designs or can customise specific cabinets and pieces to suit the desired application, style and dimensions requested by the client.

A trade requiring a good foundation in maths and the understanding of graphs, a cabinet maker is involved in the woodworking process from beginning to end. Required to interpret the client’s design specifications, a cabinet maker develops detailed sketches that best represent the client’s specifications and effectively guide the building of the proposed cabinetry or fixtures.

Working closely with homeowners, designers and architects, a cabinet maker has many responsibilities and roles. As an essential part of modern design, some of these responsibilities include:

  • Sourcing, cutting and manufacturing timber to specific dimensions to create the desired product.
  • Customised furniture design that requires creativity and precision skills to create pieces such as specialised cabinetry for the kitchen and bathrooms, feature furniture pieces and commercial shop fittings.
  • Fabrication of various products, including shelves, doors and windows, and professionally fitting the required hinges and locks.
  • Use of cabinet making power tools such as the jigsaw, sander, power drill and table saw. Additionally, hand tools include the use of a plane, saw horse, clamp and various filing devices.
  • Expertise in 3D cabinet making software that allows the cabinet maker to interpret the client’s requests and develop a visual map that directs both the client and the cabinet maker in the proposed project. 3D cabinet making software customises the process and offers precise detail and accuracy to plans.
  • Skills and experience in complex joinery, lamination and the application of finishings to completed cabinetry and wood projects.
  • Repairs to damaged timber and wooden cabinetry.
  • Installation of custom cabinetry and flat packs.

In today’s lifestyle, it is common to see people choose lower prices and convenience over more superior products and services. Through major chains such as Ikea and Bunnings, the flat pack has become a popular choice for ‘DIY makeovers’ that offer savings in both cost and time. Though cheaper, if not installed correctly, a predesigned flat pack can cause a lot of unnecessary anxiety and stress. With limited options in designs, material and colours, flat packs also have dimension limitations that create difficulty in finding the perfect fit for a specific space.

The use of a cabinetmaker is invaluable, whether for a complete custom design that perfectly fits the desired space and complements existing aesthetics or to correctly install a client’s choice of flat pack cabinetry. Sometimes, one small mistake in the assembly or installation of a flat pack can set back a make over in crucial time and add unexpected costs to a budget.

Aside from trade skills and technical knowledge, a cabinet maker also requires varying interpersonal skills to ensure the best result for the client and proposed project. Good communication combined with detailed precision, quality workmanship and patience are all characteristics of a good cabinet maker.

Focusing on the finer details of woodwork, a cabinet maker is a professional tradesman that uses precise attention to detail to provide quality work in cabinetry throughout the home or commercial spaces. From the office to bedroom, bathroom to kitchen, a cabinet maker interprets the space and the desired result and customises an ideal plan to outwork the project effectively.

Cabinet makers take care of the entire design, construction and installation, ensuring you get the exact design you want without compromising style, layout and material choice.

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