Flat Pack vs Custom Kitchen – Which is best for you? 

When designing your dream home, much focus and energy go into creating the ideal kitchen for your needs. From budget to functionality, personal taste to current trends, there are many available options on the market and securing your final choice can often be stressful and tiresome.

A pivotal question to kick start your kitchen plans – flat pack or custom kitchen? The options are endless, and both offer advantages and disadvantages that are wise to consider within your plans. As experts in the field, we have offered some professional insight to assist you in creating the ideal kitchen for your home.

Flat Pack vs Custom Kitchens – What’s the difference?

A simple way to explain the primary difference between flat packs and custom kitchens is ‘who assembles the project’. From the initial assessment of space and measurements to choosing the product that best suits your kitchen build, a flat pack kitchen requires you to be your project manager. Comparatively, a custom kitchen offers an ease to your kitchen plans through the expertise of a professional that oversees your project in complete detail. Whether you choose a DIY option or hire a professional, the two processes offer differing levels of involved work, product quality and outcome.

Furthermore, flat pack and custom kitchens differ significantly in the range of available size options to suit your particular area and functionality requirements. A flat pack kitchen is created in set dimensions and colours, which can save in the budget department, but can often limit your choices in how to best use your kitchen space or create a particular style you may desire. In comparison, the style and space options offered in a custom kitchen are endless. Professionally designed and installed, a custom kitchen allows you to work within your exact measurements and, in turn, ensure the maximum use of your available space and overall higher quality result.

Ultimately, the real question is – what is best for you?

Custom Kitchen Advantages

The kitchen is the true heart of the home and sees so much of your family’s daily life centralised around this area. The busyness of mealtime preparations or memorable chats over the breakfast bench, the design and layout of your kitchen play crucial roles in so many facets of the day-to-day home life.

Here are the top 5 advantages of a custom kitchen –

  1. Quality – A custom kitchen uses higher quality and durability materials that offer a long-lasting result for your kitchen.
  2. Designed to fit – As its name suggests, a custom kitchen is ‘customised’ to your available space, personal taste and specific needs. From the initial design to cutting and fitting, a professional will work within your exact measurements and ensure the best outcome for your kitchen.
  3. Aesthetically Flexible – Through the wide variety of choices available in materials, styles and finishes, a custom kitchen can offer the perfect solution to any trend or design preferences, from modern Hamptons style to the homely feel of a country cottage.
  4. Increased variety – The sky is the limit with the endless possibilities of style, design and space maximising options available in a custom kitchen. Your dream kitchen can truly become a reality.
  5. Less work for you – A custom kitchen significantly decreases your project’s personal hours and stress as your professional kitchen expert does the job for you from beginning to end.

Flatpack Kitchen Advantages

Are you looking for a quick kitchen make-over without the time and financial resources required of a custom kitchen? Though offering less variety in building materials, dimensions and style options than the popular custom kitchen, the handy flat pack kitchen can also provide advantages to a simple kitchen build or a convenient freshen up of your kitchen space.

Let’s look at the top 3 advantages of a flat pack kitchen –

  1. Budget – If budget is your main concern, flat packs will always offer the best budget-friendly solution. Flat pack kitchens generally offer set dimensions and the use of basic building materials that give you a quick answer to your kitchen needs that won’t break the bank.
  2. Time-saving – Flat pack kitchens are not confined to the availability of a specific company or a professional installer. As your personal project manager, you can decide the commencement date and the time frame you wish to complete your kitchen build.
  3. DIY friendly – If you love a good DIY project, a flat kitchen may be an excellent option. Created for the everyday person, a flat pack kitchen is packaged with everything you need alongside your step-by-step instructions to walk you through your project.

There is no doubt that the kitchen is a true focal point in the home, and the choice to install a flat pack or a custom kitchen is influenced by many factors. From available space and budget to the functionality and style preferences of your family, both styles of kitchens offer suitable options for your individual needs. Overall, a custom kitchen provides a wider variety of options in style, space and quality, and the expertise of an industry professional overseeing your project is invaluable when looking for a long-lasting quality result for your dream kitchen.

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Top 5 things to consider for a kitchen renovation from our Kitchen Showroom and Design Team Embarking on a kitchen renovation journey can be both exciting and overwhelming.

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