What is contemporary style?

When looking for the ideal interior design style for your home, the influences of lifestyle, culture, age demographic and current trends can make your options vast and varied. Contemporary styling has become a popular trend that evokes the desired mix of comfortability and modern-day chic within the home.

Natural textures and lighting combined with the complementing features of feature art and furniture pieces, contemporary styling offers limitless opportunities to create a liveable and welcoming space that provides a sophisticated beauty and sheer simplicity to your home.

What is contemporary styling?

Simply put, contemporary styling refers to styles and decor elements that are current and relevant. Unlike the 19th-century trend of modern interior styling that focused on a fuss-free approach of sleek lines, block colours and an uncluttered approach, contemporary styling features some of these modern elements while incorporating an innovative flair of softer lines, sculptural elements and beautiful blends of colour, art and lighting.

Use of colour

Differing from the simple neutral palette found in modern styling trends, contemporary styling puts a new spin on the use of neutral colours using tones that reflect nature itself. Earthy hues adorn spaces through colours such as cloudy whites, sandy browns and stone greys. These neutrals, alongside the primary shades of black and white, are signature facets of this popular style.

Pops of life and colour can be seen throughout a contemporary styled home through expressive choices in artwork and accessories that bring a sense of personality and flair to the surrounding neutrals.


Contemporary styling creates a seamless feel through open planning, allowing the spaces from the kitchen to dining, lounge to entertainment areas to have a continuous and smooth flow.

Flooring is generally simplistic and bare, with limited use of carpets and heavy floor coverings. Feature floor rugs complement clean floors revealing bare wood, stone, vinyl or tile to bring life and a homely feel to this contemporary style. Visually simplistic in design, rugs are perfectly matched in low pile options that keep patterns to a minimum with basic geometric design. This combination of natural flooring and feature rugs provides a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing feel to your contemporary-styled room.

Lighting and Art

As minimal as the floor coverings used in contemporary styling are the use of curtain and window coverings in these popular homes. Natural light through expansive window bays and glass doors creates an earthy beauty that brings the outdoors in and accentuates the movement and shadows within the home.

If bare windows do not seem an attractive living option, consider using sheer whites that adorn your window from floor to ceiling, adding a softness to the room while providing your desired privacy.

Adding lighting to complement your contemporary styling can be perfectly outworked by subtly placing light sources such as track lighting and recessed lighting. A wash of light on a wall or individual spotlights to feature chosen art pieces and decor items can brighten a room without being intrusive to your style and design.

As contemporary styling aspires to be minimal in feel, this theme continues through the choice of decor accessories and art pieces desired for your home. Conversation starters such as contemporary sculptural pieces or beautifully framed artwork can add your personal stamp to a room. The underlying aim is to always remain simple, minimal and uncluttered in your contemporary styling.

Contemporary style furniture

With the theme of minimalism running throughout contemporary styling, the ‘less is more’ concept is a good guide when embarking on the journey to find the perfect furniture pieces. Furniture should be bold and make a statement while remaining uncluttered and straightforward.

Essential themes are found in the use of clean lines and geometric shapes that have minimal decorative extras. For instance, furniture pieces that best represent contemporary styling are simple in colour, sporting hues of white, greys and neutrals with the occasional burst of colour in a feature cushion or accessory. Curves, tassels and skirtings are generally omitted in this styling and replaced with the beauty found in bold edges and structural statements.

Contemporary styling creates a boldness yet holds a soft earthen outlook through its love for natural fibres and fabrics such as linen, jute, silk, wool and cotton. Simple beauty is always the aspired result of authentic contemporary styling.

It is no surprise that contemporary styling has become a desired trend in homes Australia-wide. A livable style that evokes a love for natural surfaces and lighting while allowing you to feature pops of personality and fun throughout. Contemporary styling offers limitless opportunities for your upcoming refresh or new build.

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