What is Hamptons style in home styling?

What is Hamptons style?

It is no surprise that you can find the timeless beauty of Hamptons styling in more and more Australian homes each year. An emerging trend birthed in the USA, in the small coastal area of Long Island, the designs and style of the Hamptons evokes the feeling of coastal charm, calmness and expansive living.

From timber floors and expansive high ceilings to Hamptons style kitchens and classic wooden shutters throughout, Hamptons style is chic styling that has remained on trend over the years. It is the ideal style to be personalised for each home, from traditional to contemporary.

As homemakers search to bring their ‘holiday into the home’, Hamptons home styling provides the perfect combination of sophistication and timeless functionality through its exquisite blend of earthy colour palettes and the use of natural light and materials. Hamptons style is charming, relaxed and sophisticated, renowned for its classical style mixed with the aesthetics of nature and the coast.

what is hamptons home styling

What are the colour pallets of the Hamptons style?

Bringing the beauty of the outside to inside the home, the colour palette of the Hamptons style is inspired by natural materials such as sand, stone and sky. Built around the foundational colour of white, Hamptons style allows the individual to reflect their personal tastes through a beautiful range of complementing colours accentuating the elegance of Hamptons’ traditional white base.

The classic Hamptons style incorporates naturally inspired shades such as greens, greys, soft blue and traditional warm white. While for those wanting to put a contemporary spin on their Hamptons styling can achieve a stunning result with an innovative combination of cool whites and darker greys alongside complimenting black additions.

Though traditional Hamptons styling is known for its muted natural tones, there is creative space and freedom to be bold and striking in the many available colour choices.

What is a Hamptons style kitchen?

A Hamptons style kitchen truly sits at the heart of the home. Designed to create space and a free-flowing feel, Hamptons styling uses colour, light and classic cabinetry to bring a timeless quality that flows from the kitchen into the rest of the home. Easy to live in and highly functional,
shaker-style kitchens are popular in Hamptons home styling. Incorporating design techniques such as recessed panels, clean lines and high ceilings, shaker-style kitchens are easy to live in and highly functional.

A focal point of Hamptons style kitchens is a large centre island in the kitchen, such as a marble benchtop and timeless shaker-style cupboard doors to finish off its classic beauty. As this style does not date, whether contemporary or traditional, city or coastal, Hamptons style kitchens provide comfort, functionality and livability.
Modern Kitchens Northside are experts in Hamptons style kitchens. From professional advice on colour palettes and design options to their wide range of styling materials that complement each home, the MKN showroom is the ideal place to begin the dreaming process for your kitchen renovation in Brisbane.

What is the difference between Hamptons style and Country style?

Recognised for its generous use of air and space, Hamptons style takes a more coastal approach to its counter-style, which is more country and rustic by nature. From differing building materials and colour palettes to design layouts and techniques, Hamptons and country styles are two different styles that are popular in home design and personal taste.

Drawing inspiration from its coastal roots, the Hamptons style creates a chic elegance through its nautical-inspired colour palette. In contrast, country style gives the feeling of security and warmth, through its incorporation of earthy tones and colours, from rusty browns and reds to varying shades of green.

As its name suggests, Hamptons style makes the most of natural light in its design and creates a coastal yet sophisticated vibe. Colours of stone, sand, nature and sky give the classic yet effortless quality many long for in the home. Equally beautiful, though different in style, country style finds its roots in the beauty of earthen nature. Exposed beams, stained wooden features and darker floors draw a more traditional focus from its natural themes.

With nautically-inspired themes and colours that create a timeless elegance in the home, Hamptons style is the ultimate in easy living and classic quality. Using stunning cabinetry and design features can take a simple space and turn it into an open, welcoming and relaxing home that brings those coveted coastal vibes into everyday reality.

Using space and light as key features, Hamptons style can be designed in a more traditional manner or bold contemporary style to suit individual taste and style. With its functionality and timeless charm, it is no wonder Hamptons style is fast becoming a favourite in Australian homes.

Looking to design a Hamptons style kitchen in your home? Call Modern Kitchens Northside today on 07 3889 9054 for our expert advice and to book your showroom tour.

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    What is Hamptons style in home styling? What is Hamptons style? It is no surprise that you can find the timeless beauty of Hamptons styling in more and more

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